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The RISE of your leadership

June 17 @ 2:00 am - 3:30 pm

Right Now is the Time. Are your ready to RISE to your Next Level and start Surfing your Undercurrent of Purpose?

About this Event


We decided to contribute to this moment of global change by giving away this transformational event for FREE.

This crisis is full of opportunity. But in order to see and successfully execute on these opportunities you need to reside in your deeper essence. Only then will you accelerate in realizing your full potential.

During ‘The RISE of your leadership’, Joel aan ‘t Goor will guide you into a state of clarity and creativity. Furthermore he will help you to uncondition your mind made bullshit aka the ‘purpose inhibitors’ within your personality. Inhibitors you probably didn’t know were there but they have a magnificent impact on everything in your life as a human being, leader and creator.

Joel unveils your limiting traits with the help of the extraordinary and infallible Purpose Scan. You fill out the scan before the event, online and in just 15 minutes.

What to expect during the online RISE of your leadership:

– Fill out the extraordinary Purpose Scan before the event

– During the event you will learn how to increase your state of clarity

– You will get insight into the ‘purpose inhibitors’ within your personality

– Ignite your Next Level and start feeling the undercurrent of Purpose within you

Ready to RISE to your next level?

The RISE of your leadership is for anyone who identifies with one or more of the following:

1. You are an entrepreneur, (future) leader or creator who wants to guide your company through the current dynamics in the world successfully

2. You are an entrepreneur, (future) leader or professional who seeks to find meaning, wants to awaken and become truly purpose-driven

3. You are a conscious and / or purpose-driven entrepreneur, leader or professional who is looking for ways to increase the impact of your organization or work

About Joel aan ‘t Goor

Joel is a psychologist, entrepreneur and the founder of Origins. In his late twenties Joel founded OPEN Business Leaders, a cross-sectoral network of more then 500 leaders and entrepreneurs of large and medium sized companies. A personal transformation changed his view on life, leadership and entrepreneurship. He decided to guide leaders, entrepreneurs and creators in the very same transformation with Origins, an international, game changing movement for awake and purpose driven leaders. Furthermore he is the author of The Journey to Your Origin and the founder of the World Consciousness Forum.

The RISE is hosted by Origins. We are a community for creators who:

– want to lead a successful and purpose driven business

– want to expand their consciousness and create from the inside out

– want to celebrate life

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